UMI - Love Affair [Official Video] | Episode 1 'Love Language'

About the track
Playlist:Love Is Love Songs
Stream "Love Affair" Here: My EP "Love Language" will be dropping episodically over the course of this month! Thank you for watching Episode 1/Track 1 of the series. Tune in next week for the next song/episode :) Written by UMI Produced by Jhune Mixed by Jesse Ray Ernster Mastered by Mike Bozzi Follow UMI IG: Twitter: Mgmt: [email protected], [email protected] Director Taofik Kolade & Will Kindrick Creative Direction UMI Character Designer/Animator Hyo Bin Kang Cleanup Artist Christina Castro Editor Nick Pezzillo Colorist Houmam @ Velem Velem Producer Gosia Herman Post Supervisor Susan Applegate SFX Artist/MU Artist Allyson Joyner Stylist Sydney Szramowski (umi) & Jannelle Hill ---------- CAST UMI Herself BOY Jean Carter ROBBER Sairose Bertram CO-WORKER Rachel Coopes SHOP WORKER Nevil Jackson Lyrics: You and I baby Maybe we can ride away baby And I just wanna get inside inside But I don’t wanna wait forever Scared that I can’t treat you better than her So when I'm gonna know what to feel inside baby Maybe it’s just all in my head so Don’t overthink this is love Maybe it’s just a crush Baby is this your love affair I hope what I feel is enough Maybe this is just lust Baby is this you love affair Your love affair yeah I wanna know I wanna know how to feel what to feel what’s right I never know Cuz when it gets real I just run away hide From you From you [Pre + Hook] I just wanna good time But I’m wrong for that oh Am I’m wrong for that no no And is it not the right time But what’s the wrong in that oh Am I wrong for that no, no ------- Producer Susan Agostinelli Production Manager Nina Dluhy-Miller DP David Vollrath Production Designer Nick Murphy Stylist Sydney Szramowski & Jannelle Hill Executive Producer Jennifer Heath Production Company RadicalMedia Bad Robot Production Cory Bennett Lewis Lalithra Fernando Josh Tate McKee Floyd Nicky Berger Sal Sciortino Claire McKinzie