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Nimic Revenue – “Paramount” (Vevo Ctrl) A lot of rappers rhyme about how they can conquer any trouble that comes along. 21-year-old St. Paul native Nimic Revenue has a track - "Therapy" - that posits the acceptability of asking for a little help when need be. "I've been trying to find a purpose," she sings while riding a beat, and her emotional truth is unmistakable. The Def Jam MC has been feeling a buzz lately. More tongues wagging about her, more interview requests, more videos to be made. When she signed to the iconic hip-hop label, the mayor of Minneapolis congratulated her in a tweet. Roll through her new 'Lifeline' EP and you'll learn why Nimic's leveling up with every month that goes by. Watch her in action at our Ctrl performance and you'll definitely see why she deserves to be reckoned with. Listen to Nimic's 'Lifeline' EP: Executive Producer: Micah Bickham Director: Kyle Goldberg Producer: Maura Scully Producer: Maddy Schmidt Producer: Saharah Sejour Director of Photography: Ryan Hamelin Editor: Kevin Rose Music & Talent: Annie Shapiro, Jordan Glickson Watch the official video of "Paramount": Watch music videos by Nimic Revenue: Nimic Revenue Vevo #NimicRevenue #NimicRevenueLive #Paramount