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Cousin Stizz - Beamin' (Vevo Ctrl) When he broke onto the national scene in 2015 with debut mixtape, ‘Suffolk County,’ Cousin Stizz became the rare Massachusetts rap export. As a millennial from Boston, the 27-year-old has lived most of his life celebrating New England sports teams’ championships. Likewise, Stizz has stayed winning in his music career. 2017’s “Headlock,” featuring Migos member Offset, marked an ascension to major label success, racking up tens of millions of streams. Stizz credits Gucci Mane and Max B as main influences, exuding a laid-back flow draped over Southern-style beats. With a Red Sox World Series Champions cap proudly perched on his head, the recent Los Angeles transplant treated the Ctrl booth to two tracks off ‘Trying To Find My Next Thrill,’ his second official full length. After checking out “RR” and “Beamin’,” why not treat yourself to some Manny or KG highlights? Cousin Stizz Vevo Executive Producer: Micah Bickham Director: Priya Minhas Producer: Sacha Noelle Director of Photography: Calvin Falk Editor: Kevin Rose Music & Talent: Annie Shapiro & Jordan Ferree #CousinStizz #CousinStizzLive #Beamin #BeaminLive