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King Von - Took Her To The O (Vevo Ctrl) Characterized by themes of violence and struggle, the experimental subgenre drill has chopped its place into the Chicago rap scene during the last decade, and one of it’s rising stars, King Von, has become a force to deal with. Born Dayvon Bennett, Von hails from the O Block neighborhood; at 25, he’s been in and out of jail three times. “The third time I was with Lil Durk,” he told Lip Service. “I got bonded out, we got money now.” A lot of that success has to do with Durk, a godfather of the drill game who brought in Von as a protege a few years ago. But it also has to do with Von’s own charisma - a balance between self-assured G swag and a natural charm that starts with his smile and ends with his humor. Take the name of his new project: the cover of ‘Levon James,’ depicts the MC in a Lakers jersey doing Bron’s signature chalk throw. A symbol of aspirational greatness, but a bit on the cheeky side. Von came in the Crtl box and rocked “Took Her to the O,” and another track from the album. Stay tuned. There’s more coming from the session. King Von Vevo Executive Producer: Micah Bickham Director: Kyle Goldberg Producer: Saharah Sejour Editor: Ramy Elsokary Music & Talent: Gabby Prisciandaro & Jordan Ferree #Ctrl #KingVon #TookHerToTheO