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The YouTube to MP3 converter

Whether you are searching for funny clips about someone’s version of an all-time hit or nursery rhymes to soothe your crying little one, you will find something.

While you will probably not run out of videos to watch anytime soon, you might not always be able to access the Internet or have free Wi-Fi. Though, there is no need to despair...

It works with all browsers and you can use your mobile devices and/or desktop as well. Other tools that offer similar functionality charge a subscription or have registration forms that must be filled out first before you can put it to the test, but skips this step so that you can start to convert YouTube to MP3 immediately for free.

Here’s how you can use this tool

If you want to download your favourite music tracks, all you need to do is complete these straightforward instructions:

  • Open the YouTube website.
  • Once YouTube has loaded, search for the music track(s) that you want to convert to MP3 file format.
  • Copy the URL. The URL will be in your browser’s address bar.
  • If you can’t see the address bar, open the Settings of your browser and make sure that the address bar has indeed been enabled.
  • Once you have copied the URL, you can now paste that link into the input field (look for the phrase “Enter the link to the media”).
  • The conversion process will begin after you have clicked on “Convert”.
  • Sometimes the conversion process might be interrupted. When this happens, all you have to do is restart the process.
  • If the conversion process was successfully completed but your MP3 file has no sound, copyright infringement could be the reason. When this happens, find another song and try again.
  • Make sure that you tell everyone about how easy it is to use a converter.